Abstract – A Look at Cinema in the 2000s

A Look at Cinema in the 2000s


According to statistical data compiled from different sources, an overview of Turkish cinema since the nineties reveals a quantitative increase. This increase began after stagnation in the eighties and can be seen in the number of films produced and the number of tickets sold. The total number of tickets sold in 1992 was 8.3 million, and this total reached 38 million in 2008. More than half of these sales came from domestic films. According to 2008 data, domestic films accounted for 60% of the sales, which puts Turkey in 6th place internationally, right behind China. This proportional and numerical increase in box office sales parallels an increase in the number of films produced annually in Turkey. However, the optimism inherent in these numbers is marred by the fact that most of the films produced resemble Hollywood productions and by a lack of certainty that the improvement in box office sales is sustainable.


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