Fathers and Sons: Masculinity Crisis in Turkish Cinema in the 2000s


During the 1990s and 2000s, a series of films has addressed existential concerns by focusing on the transformations and struggles of male characters in the context of social change and traumas. The common point of these films, which range from male melodramas to minimalist films and to masculine genres such as adventure and war films, is to present male characters in crisis. This study focuses on Çoğunluk (Seren Yüce, 2010), Kabadayı (Ömer Vargı, 2007) and Korkuyorum Anne (Reha Erdem, 2004) which present images about the masculinity crisis in the context of conflicting power relations between fathers and sons. By means of an analysis of these films, the study explores how this crisis is interpreted by the individual male subjects and asks if these films reproduce and legitimize masculinity through the discourse about crisis. It also examines whether the structure that produces crises of masculinity does or does not provide the possibility of resistance.

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