Fish Image as a Phallic Leak in New Turkish Cinema


This article focuses on the “fish image” that appears in a number of films by various directors in the new Turkish cinema: Korkuyorum Anne (Mommy, I’m Scared!), Süt (Milk), Uzak (Distant), Filler ve Çimen (Elephants and Grass). In the films discussed, the image of a fish becomes a phallic leak that points to the dichotomy of gaining or losing masculine potency. This essay discusses the fish image that appears in fishing and fish-trading scenes, signifying phallic gain in some films, but in other films it represents the phallus in a moribund state, thus signifying a loss of male potency. In these films, fish images are not directly related to the narrative; they are visual leaks that evoke phallic issues.

Keywords: Korkuyorum Anne, Süt, Uzak, Filler ve Çimen, fish image, gaining potency, losing potency, masculinity, phallic leak.


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